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Stories of Hope

Paula’s Story of Hope

Like many women who come to Portland Rescue Mission for help, Paula’s childhood was scarred by violence and abuse.

Paula’s Story of Hope (Quicktime Version)

Paula from pdxmission on Vimeo.

But thanks to your support, Paula is healing from those scars. By courageously facing her past, she’s providing a safe, stable future for her young son.

Your gift today helps women like Paula break the generational cycle of abuse, addiction and homelessness.

Donate online at www.PortlandRescueMission.org. Or call 503-MISSION (647-7466)

One response to “Paula’s Story of Hope”

  1. Mariam says:

    Those are great promises Paula. We can’t just say, till death do us part and won’t do anyinthg to make it happen di ba?congratulations on your new baby! Ay naku, you will be busy na, I am surprised that you still have time to blog, Take care and kiss the kids for me Mwahhhh!

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