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About Homelessness

92% Say Something More Is Needed

In a recent online poll, we asked people, “Why do you think most people are homeless?”

— They are lazy.
— They’ve lost a job and/or home due to economic pressure.
— They are addicted to drugs or alcohol.
— They have a mental disability.
— They’ve experienced significant trauma/difficulties.

92% of responders believe that homelessness is generally caused by more than economic pressure. And they’re right.

The challenge of ending homelessness is not just in providing a home, but in helping men and women address the root causes of their situation.

That’s why we offer more than just temporary food and shelter. Your support helps us provide long-term recovery programs that include addiction recovery, job training, education, emotional healing and spiritual renewal — a total life recovery.

Your support helps us give something more. More than a meal. More than a bed. You give hope.

Thank you.