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Stocks or Property

Donate Stock or Property

Thank you for your interest in making a gift of stock or property to Portland Rescue Mission. Your generosity will provide meals, shelter, and life-restoring care to men, women, and children experiencing hunger, homelessness, and addiction.


Donating stock directly to Portland Rescue Mission can provide up to 50% more funds than if you were to donate the proceeds of your stock sale. This is the most effective way to ensure that the full value of your gift goes towards the provision of care and services.

It’s simple to donate stock:

  • Ask your broker for an electronic transfer of the mutual fund or stock shares you wish to donate.
  • Let your broker know that the shares will be transferred to: PORTLAND RESCUE MISSION
  • Contact Holly Hummel at (503)-746-9728 or hollyh@pdxmission.org and ask for the Mission Account Number and DTC and provide those to your broker.
  • Please provide your contact information, the date of the transfer, the name of the stock, and the number of shares you have donated. This will enable Portland Rescue Mission to track the transaction and provide you with a tax-deductible receipt for your gift.



Portland Rescue Mission will gladly accept your gift of real estate, personal property, or assets. Please contact Holly Hummel at (503)746.9728
or email: hollyh@pdxmission.org.