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Friends & Partners

Dedicated to Making a Difference

Portland Rescue Mission is honored to partner with a number of local businesses who are dedicated to making a sustainable difference in our community. Here are just a few of the business partners who are giving hope and restoring life to people in need!

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Through the Nourishing Neighbors campaign, Safeway/Albertsons makes a difference in our community by donating funds to Portland Rescue Mission so that together, we can fight hunger. In the summer of 2020, Safeway/Albertsons sponsored the meals for all of the children in our care at Shepherd’s Door and made it possible for us to meet the large need for meals in our community during the coronavirus pandemic by matching donations during our More Than Ever telethon.

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Whole Foods Markets

Whole Foods’ food rescue program commits to sending out healthy and nourishing food to the most vulnerable in our community through their local markets. Not only does Whole Foods partner with us to provide complete nutrition to our guests, but they also donated a refrigerated van making access to their food donations even more attainable. Whole Foods is also a Care Partner of Portland Rescue Mission. Care Partners ‘adopt’ a day of services and Whole Foods sponsored three days of meals this year.

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Ron Tonkin Honda

When the pandemic hit our community we had to stop inviting guests into our dining room during meal times. Our highly relational staff decided that if we can’t invite people in, then we must go out to the street. Through the help of Ron Tonkin Honda, we purchased an outreach vehicle that we are now using alongside volunteers to reach more people struggling with homelessness in order to build relationships and invite them into for programs and to receive services.

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Fred Meyer

Through Fred Meyer’s Community Rewards Program, customers are able to direct store donations to Portland Rescue Mission. Because of this program and in combination with grants awarded from the Fred Meyer Fund over the years, Portland Rescue Mission receives ongoing and sustainable support to fight hunger in the Portland area.

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New Seasons Market

New Seasons Market and New Seasons’ customers generously partner with Portland Rescue Mission to make an impact on food availability in our community. All year, at three locations, New Seasons' customers donate the cost of a meal at the register to Portland Rescue Mission and for one weekend each spring, New Seasons hosts a hunger drive and matches all customer giving so that together we can feed our community.

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Twende Solar

In 2018, a local non-profit agency comprised of solar energy professionals chose Shepherd’s Door as a recipient of their generosity to fully convert our building to solar power. Twende Solar is a global organization working to fight poverty. They chose Portland Rescue Mission because of our mission alignment and also because of our financial stability and long track record of success. Because of their investment, our energy costs have been reduced by 40%.

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Pacific Power

Leaders and employees from Pacific Power filled every volunteer need to cover four shifts and answer phones during our Shelter 365 Telethon. Several months later, when COVID-19 hit our community and large scale operational changes were required, Pacific Power stepped in with the funds needed to help purchase safety equipment and make necessary changes to serve the homeless community safely.

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The Partners Group

A generous group of owners and employees at the Partners Group spread holiday cheer by gathering at the Burnside Shelter each December to decorate for the holidays for our guests. The Partners Group also became a Care Partner of Portland Rescue Mission by sponsoring two days of meals this year.