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About Homelessness

The Hidden Homeless – Families In Motels

Watch this insightful photojournalism piece revealing an unseen side of homelessness — families forced to live in motels to survive.

From the Coalition for the Homeless in Central Florida blog:

Earlier this week, Robert Cohen of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch was honored in the 2010 American Society of News Editors as a finalist for his Community Service Photojournalism story titled “Motel Manor: Suburban homelessness in St. Charles County.” This insightful and disturbing collection of photos shows a side of homelessness rarely seen or considered by the outside world: hotel homelessness. By interviewing and following several struggling families living in cheap hotels, Robert shows how modern-day homelessness has taken a new form.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development definition of homelessness does not include individuals living in hotels. After taking a look at the photos above and listening to the stories shared by families with nowhere else to turn, what is your opinion? Should those with only a hotel for a home be counted as homeless?