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The Hidden Homeless – Families In Motels

Watch this insightful photojournalism piece revealing an unseen side of homelessness — families forced to live in motels to survive.

From the Coalition for the Homeless in Central Florida blog:

Earlier this week, Robert Cohen of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch was honored in the 2010 American Society of News Editors as a finalist for his Community Service Photojournalism story titled “Motel Manor: Suburban homelessness in St. Charles County.” This insightful and disturbing collection of photos shows a side of homelessness rarely seen or considered by the outside world: hotel homelessness. By interviewing and following several struggling families living in cheap hotels, Robert shows how modern-day homelessness has taken a new form.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development definition of homelessness does not include individuals living in hotels. After taking a look at the photos above and listening to the stories shared by families with nowhere else to turn, what is your opinion? Should those with only a hotel for a home be counted as homeless?


2 responses to “The Hidden Homeless – Families In Motels”

  1. Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida says:

    Thank you for sharing our blog post! The issue of "hidden homelessness" is particularly relevant today as many families are doubling up to avoid homelessness or staying in weekly motels as a last resort. Robert Cohen's moving work offers a disturbing view into what these families are experiencing – we hope it makes people think and inspires action!

  2. Mathias says:

    Just wanted to thank envryoee involved, specially my 1st AD and best friend Michael Cabral. Couldn’t of done it without you brother. You da man, always have been and always will be.

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