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Looking back to ‘Stories of Hope’ at Portland Rescue Mission

Once September/October rolls around here at Portland Rescue Mission, things get extra busy for our organization. The fall is a very important time of the year for giving hope and restoring life to people in need. It’s also the time of year when, as the weather begins to change, and the temperature drops, needs are up and lives are more ready than ever to be transformed going into the holiday season.

Take a look back at some of the many “Stories of Hope” that friends like you have helped make happen through Portland Rescue Mission in 2015.

Steve finds his miracle, discovers new life at The Harbor

Steve had been living on the streets for over a year. He had sold all of his possessions for one last drug frenzy. Steve was ready to give up on life … until a miracle happened.

Obi ‘brave enough to dream again’ after being at The Harbor

“I woke up with such intense hopelessness,” Obi remembers. He wanted out of his addiction, but how? He did so through his “new family” at The Harbor.

John Dominguez’s ‘Story of Hope’ still strong, 10 years later

Twelve years ago, John was completely addicted to meth. He lost everything. Today, his faith and recovery is stronger than ever, and he’s serving homeless men and women regularly in downtown Portland.

Bill thought he could beat drugs and alcohol himself, he needed The Harbor

After being a successful working man much of his life, Bill fell victim to drugs and alcohol. He lost everything. Bill’s life is now restored after being at The Harbor, and he’s helping expand vocational training at Portland Rescue Mission.

Isolated no more, Kelcey found meaning at The Harbor

“I’d be on the street walking around all night with no place to go, and cold,” said Kelcey. Rejection and isolation overwhelmed him. The Harbor has helped restore his life.

Overcoming a stroke, alcoholism at The Harbor: A graduate’s story

Hailing from Jamaica, Dennis spent years battling alcoholism. He tried to quit, twice. He came to The Harbor looking for help, but suffered a stroke. He overcame and graduated.

Rachelle escapes past, becomes ‘new creation’ at Shepherd’s Door

Rachelle started drinking at eight years old. But after two years at Shepherd’s Door, she’s been clean and sober for 26 months and her life is full of love for her kids, and love for herself because of God.

Once scared and overwhelmed, Mike found purpose at The Harbor

While homeless on the Burnside Bridge, Mike was scared, he “couldn’t do this no more.” He sought out Portland Rescue Mission for help and a hot meal. Shortly thereafter, his life completely changed at The Harbor.

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