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About Homelessness

From Houston, With Thanks

Joseph stayed at the Burnside Shelter for a few days last summer. He was from another part of the country. In Portland, Joseph was alone, hungry and struggling to get his life together.

Last week, Joseph sent us a quick email to let us know how he’s doing:

I wanted to thank all of you for allowing me to spend a few nights at Portland Rescue Mission when I was stranded and had no way home last summer.

I was welcomed by Justin and offered a warm meal and a place to sleep for a few nights until I could figure out how to get back home to Texas. After 3 days, I called a friend in Houston who told me that one of the guys I used to work with years ago in Houston had moved to Boise, ID, and that he had paid for a bus ticket from Portland Greyhound to Boise.

I stayed with my friend for almost a week. He had a bunch of Delta SkyMiles saved up and, miraculously, I flew from Boise to Houston for $75, which I worked all that previous week to earn to get home.

I am safe, happy and back working as a taxi driver in Houston, Texas, all thanks to Portland Rescue Mission for giving me those few nights to rest and gather my thoughts so that I could arrange a way to take the 2100 mile trip home.

This is my story of thanks and encouragement to all of the guys at Portland Rescue Mission who think that there is no way out.

Houston, Texas