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Stories from Others


From Serenity’s “A Day in the Life of” blog:

Our family was walking around downtown with some bags of snacks and water bottles one day. We were headed to where the Rescue Mission was and passed by the unemployment office.

And right when I passed the doorway to the office, Felicity walked out, crying.

My heart lurched for a second…I needed to do something. I stopped and asked her if she was okay and she just gushed with her sad story. I began to cry with her and at that moment the only thing I knew to do was hug her and pray with her.

She knew of Jesus, but she had fallen hard and felt hopeless. Her kids had been taken from her, she had lost her job because she had started drinking again, the unemployment office couldn’t help and she was selling herself.

After we talked and prayed together, she had to go but there was something about her that sunk deep. I couldn’t stop thinking about her…

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