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July Newsletter – Freedom is Here!

James and Yvonne had decent lives at one time. But trauma and addiction destroyed what they held dear. Could they be free? Read their stories in our latest “Rescue Portland” newsletter.

Still Waters Run Deep
James’ cool demeanor hid years of pain

James spent nine years as a Marine, with multiple tours in Afghanistan and Iraq. He’s seen things that have affected him to the core, in ways few people understand. His training taught him to be direct with people, but his experience left him in a place of great anxiety. He’s calm at the surface, but there’s tension underneath.

“I walk down stairs and around corners, wishing I still had . . .”

>> Read the rest of James’ story.

Three Years Later
The test of time shows true recovery

Yvonne was homeschooled in a Christian family. Her parents divorced during her childhood, and she often felt conflicted when it came to living a split life between them.

She rebelled in her teen years and had a baby at a young age. Yvonne’s mother raised her son as Yvonne moved from place to place, pursuing her drug of choice, methamphetamine.

But more drugs and more bad relationships only led to . . .

>> Read the rest of Yvonne’s story and watch her video.


>> Download a PDF of the July 2010 Newsletter

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