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Don’t grill yourself, cater with Mission Bar-B-Que (5 excuses to give)

Mission Bar-B-Que will raise the quality of food at your next gathering. You don't want to miss out!

Mission Bar-B-Que will raise the quality of food at your next gathering. You don’t want to miss out!

With the sun shining (along with record-setting April heat) and the smell of May flowers in the air, chances are that grilling might be on your mind. And if that’s the case, let us help you make those thoughts become a reality with Mission Bar-B-Que.

For those of you that may not be familiar with Mission Bar-B-Que, it’s one of our newest fundraising ventures at Portland Rescue Mission. It’s also the best and most delectable BBQ around that not only tastes great, but is vital in helping us give hope and restore life to men, women and children suffering from homelessness and addiction. It’s a win-win, and all the funds go to supporting our Hope Ministries at the Burnside Shelter and our New Life Ministries at Shepherd’s Door (for women and children) and The Harbor (for men). So, if you need an excuse for having Mission Bar-B-Que cater your next gathering of 25 people or more, here are four reasons why you shouldn’t have to think too hard about it.

The Portland Trail Blazers are in the NBA Playoffs


Sure, Game 1 didn’t go as planned for the Blazers (losing to the Los Angeles Clippers, 115-95), but this is the NBA Playoffs and there are, at a minimum, three more games to watch. And considering the Blazers have massively overachieved this season, you just never know what might happen next. Order Mission Bar-B-Que, throw a party with 25 or more of your closest friends and family and enjoy the hopeful anticipation while it lasts.


You don’t want to clean your grill


Let’s face it, cleaning your grill can be a pain. And if you are already knee-deep in other spring-cleaning projects, why add something like cleaning your grill to that mix? If the reason you’re thinking about doing so is because you want to plan a big neighborhood gathering soon, take the stress out of it and order Mission Bar-B-Que. No slaving over a hot grill for you, and more than enough high-quality food to feed your block and more.


Boost your staff’s morale, order them lunch


Everyone loves a thoughtful, completely unexpected gift. It can brighten up the darkest of days and lower the stress level of anyone that is a recipient. Why not gift those same things to your entire staff? Surprise your hardworking staff with a thank you for all of their hard work, and do so in style with Mission Bar-B-Que. Remind them that there is such thing as a free lunch when you work for a fantastic organization.


Save yourself the 20 hours it takes us to prepare it


Yep, our process essentially takes the entire day. And we know that is a luxury nearly nobody has available to them unless they’re in the BBQ business full-time like we are. Our 18-step process can transform meats like pulled pork and chicken into the talk of your upcoming family reunion or graduation party (both of which you might be planning right now) because with Mission Bar-B-Que, you know your food is getting the love it deserves. Combined with beef brisket and pork ribs, and you’re sure to be delighted by the results.

The burnt ends!

But you’ll have to find out about that one for yourself.