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Made Whole – Maureen’s Jubilee Story


Maureen felt lost in her addiction. “I had legal issues, lost my job, had no way to support myself, and was nearly homeless,” she remembers.


“I got involved in bad relationships that were abusive physically, emotionally, mentally, financially, and spiritually. I was looking for love in all the wrong places.”


Then she remembered the building in her old neighborhood. She once lived right across the street from Shepherd’s Door and would see women and children out for walks. “I didn’t know it was for single women too. I found out though.”


“I was scared, but then I knew that I needed help,” she said. She called and was accepted into the New Life Recovery Program.


“Shepherd’s Door has given me hope, healing, and the love of Christ,” Maureen announced at her recent graduation from the program.


“I’ve learned that God is a loving God, and that Christ died for our sins to save us from our sins,” she said.  “I gained Biblical understanding of my identity and started to have healthy relationships.”


Not only has her life been transformed, but she also witnessed transformation in her family as they watched her change.


“In my process here at Shepherd’s Door my family has grown closer to Christ as well, which has been really awesome. My brother, my youngest brother and my twin sister now go to church.”


Now that I have completed the restoration program, I want to enter the Service program here with Portland Rescue Mission to continue to share the gospel and my experience, strength, and hope with others.”


In Service, Maureen will work with the women at Shepherd’s Door, operating the shift desk and helping women with appointments.  “I really want to give back to this program and to the people here that helped me so much.


Here I am, free from addiction, codependency, and through this restoration program and Jesus, I have been made whole.”


Thank you for making hope and restoration possible for Maureen.