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Burnside Shelter

Eric takes a risk, gets shoes from the Portland Trail Blazers

Eric has always had big feet. In fact, for as long as he can remember, finding a pair of shoes that fit his size 15 feet has been nearly impossible … or so it seemed. So, in response, Eric decided to take a proactive approach and set his sights on a little writing project.

Since Eric was a kid he struggled with certain aspects of schoolwork. Battling an array of learning disabilities growing up, including dyslexia, Eric dealt with some significant challenges over his lifetime—many which he continues to battle today. Now, years later, Eric continues to work toward improving all areas of his life during his recovery journey, his writing included. It’s why he decided to take a chance and spend a month working on a letter to send to the Portland Trail Blazers, telling them his story. In just a matter of days after he sent the letter, the Blazers responded and Eric was gifted with a brand new pair of size 15 Adidas shoes.  He got inspired, he took a chance and it paid off.

“Since being at The Harbor, so much has changed. I’m taking risks in ways I never did before,” he said. “It’s been a huge blessing in my life.”

Eric, The Harbor, Portland Trail BlazersEric’s journey continues at The Harbor, our New Life Ministry for men, as he recently passed his 10-month mark in our yearlong restoration program. He’s doing great and working hard everyday to transform his life forever. Eric works down at the Burnside Shelter handing out tickets to guests looking for a warm bed and a good night’s sleep.

(See the photos above for a glimpse of the fun Eric had while picking up his brand new size 15 Adidas shoes from the Blazers at the Moda Center. He was our featured story in our Spring Newsletter).

We want to send a warm, heartfelt thank you from the Mission to the Blazers for helping Eric in his search for a good, reliable pair of size 15 shoes.


For those of you who don’t know, Portland Rescue Mission is 100 percent funded by its compassionate and generous donors, both financially and otherwise—clothing included. When program participants enter Shepherd’s Door (our New Life Ministry for women and children) or The Harbor, their clothing, food and other vital needs are completely provided for by supporters of the Mission. Thanks for helping us give hope and restore life to men, women and children suffering from homelessness and addiction!