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Bill thought he could beat drugs and alcohol himself, he needed The Harbor

Every single day we see hurting men and women come through our doors, and every single day our staff and volunteers make themselves available to help them in whatever way they can. In the last year, one of those many individuals you helped was Bill.

(Watch Bill’s Story of Hope).

For most of his life, Bill was an honest, hard working man. He punched the clock and was successful. Little by little, Bill slipped into an addiction to drugs and alcohol.

“I was strong-headed and thought I could beat the addiction on my own,” says Bill.

His stubbornness ultimately got the best of him.

Bill ended up losing everything that mattered to him. His relationships disappeared, he lost his job, and inevitably, he lost all resemblance regarding the safety of a normal, everyday life.

Bill found himself homeless on the streets of Portland – he didn’t know what to do. “I was afraid … I needed help,” he admitted.

Bill heard there was help at Portland Rescue Mission, and he knew he had to find out what they were offering. Bill soon signed up to join the yearlong New Life Ministry program for men at The Harbor.

“I felt at ease right away. The Harbor became my home and I knew it was where I needed to be,” he says.

Through God, counselors, the other men in the program and a group of dedicated volunteers, Bill started to heal from the anxiety and hurts he tried to numb with drugs and alcohol. For one of the first times he could remember, he felt free.

Today, his life is restored.

Bill is now helping Portland Rescue Mission develop a new and even more expansive ministry to help men like him be better prepared for employment after graduating from the program. The vocational training program provides hands-on experience while building confidence and establishing solid job skills. Men and women, alike, will have even more support to transitioning successfully into an independent new life as a result.

Please consider giving a special gift to Portland Rescue Mission so we can continue to offer hope to people in need. Thank you for helping us do what we do every day.