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About Homelessness

AT THE HEART OF IT ALL -Our Annual Report Video

Almost 70 years after John Van Diest, our founder, served home-cooked soup to hungry people facing hard times, Portland Rescue Mission holds true to that first vision. Begin by meeting people’s most urgent needs. Show them that they matter, that they are loved by God. They are not alone.

Then, as hope emerges in their hearts, offer simple steps to move forward in life. Provide structure and accountability. Equip with practical life and job skills. Show how to relate to other people. Surround with supportive relationships to keep them grounded.

At the heart of all we do at Portland Rescue Mission, there is one thing that really makes a difference: God’s love. It’s His unconditional forgiveness and relentless compassion that releases people from the anger, hatred, fear, trauma and despair. In the void where there was only hurt springs gratitude, deep joy, a positive outlook and desire to give back.

Transformation happens slowly. Fear subsides. Forgiveness frees. Trust builds. Confidence grows. Love multiplies.

Thank you for your partnership in sharing God’s love so freely. Because of you, lives are transformed!

Celebrating with you,

Eric Bauer
Executive Director