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Portland Rescue Mission experiences the ‘glow’ of ‘glimmers’

Jesse, the son of Vivian, who is a New Life Ministries graduate, carries a cross as he runs in the Lord's Gym Mud Run.

Jesse, the son of Vivian, who is a New Life Ministries graduate, carries a cross as he runs in the Lord’s Gym Mud Run.

Here at Portland Rescue Mission, we are blessed to be a part of some incredible stories. Whether through the lives of our New Life Ministries graduates, or the transition successes that happen in our Connect Ministry (part of our Pathway Ministries), it is always exciting to share some of what we call “glimmers” of God’s light as he works in the lives of people we serve.

Here are some of our favorites recently:

One of our women in our New Life Ministry recently reconnected with her almost 30-year-old son. She hasn’t seen him since he was three-years-old. He learned about Jesus in prison and is now attending Bible School to become a pastor. Recently, he was in the Lord’s Gym Mud Run, carrying a cross through the event (see the photo above). Hear what his mom said about their story:

“The whole time he was growing up I was in my own darkness, in my abuse that I went through, and he was walking through his own darkness. And I don’t know if he had abandonment or rejection thoughts because I gave him up, but I think if we would have met while we were both in our darkness it might not of have turned out good. But now that he’s walking with the Lord, he’s a believer and so am I, God is bringing it to full circle.

And that when we do meet, it’s just going to be joyful…When I see that picture of him it’s like I gave birth all over again. That’s how I felt. I was so proud…I truly feel that the darkness that we walk through is what brings us to Christ. Without that, we wouldn’t have any hunger for Him, we would have no reason to seek Him.”

Robbin Schroth (Women’s Resident Advocate):

One of our graduates had a goal when she first came into the program for others to be able to see Jesus in her.

Here is what she shared recently:

I went grocery shopping with my daughter this weekend and as we were walking out to our car, a lady passed my daughter and smiled at me. She said, “I know you. Jesus loves you.”  I responded and said, “Jesus loves everyone,” and she looked at me and said, “But Jesus loves you!”

God is so cool!

Timothy Desper (Director of Burnside Services) and June Cassell (Guest Relations Coordinator):

A former Connect Ministry participant wished to share his thanks regarding his participation in Connect, and all the relationships that he made. Here’s what the letter said (see the handwritten note):

Tim and his amazing staff,

First of all, I just want to say thank you for all you and your staff have done for me through my journey here at Portland Rescue Mission. The six months I was here I have accomplished so much, remained sober and regained my dignity. A year ago I was sleeping outside on the sidewalk like many others we serve and protect every day. Some of the new guys might not know me, but I’m sure they will before they leave. Just because I moved doesn’t mean that I don’t support everybody in doing the next best thing, and that’s utilizing the resources you have while you’re here to become successful. Sure there are times of struggle, but this program really does work.

Thanks, Brian

Dallas Lange (Director of Men’s Ministry)

I heard a classroom full of conversation and laughter so I had to go inside. Six men were talking, laughing and connecting before class started. I introduced myself to one of the new men. He said he had been in Portland for nine days, found the Mission and received help. He met a number of the staff there and knew he was at the right place.  He said he sees in the staff, “The Glow.”

“You all have ‘The Glow’. I want ‘The Glow’ and that’s why I’m here.”

'Glimmers' provide an exciting glimpse into what God is doing at Portland Rescue Mission.

‘Glimmers’ provide an exciting glimpse into what God is doing at Portland Rescue Mission.

Portland Rescue Mission is made up of our Hope, Pathway and New Life Ministries. Our Hope and Pathway Ministries are located at the Burnside Shelter and include hot daily meals, available beds, mail services, public bathrooms and our transitional three-month Connect Ministry. Our New Life Ministries are located at The Harbor (for men) and Shepherd’s Door (for women and children), and are 12-month programs that provide addiction recovery, spiritual renewal and life skills training.