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GOLD SHOES. Who knew? – PART 2

We knew this was a special story, but it has been so amazing to see all of the excitement about the Spike Lee Air Jordan sneaker auction coming up on Monday. We have gotten, well, A LOT of press (See Below). It has touched me to see so many engaged with the significance and symbolism of this anonymous gift.

We are so grateful for the way this incredible story has focused the attention on the people we serve at Portland Rescue Mission and the heroic acts of every-day generosity that keep our doors open 24/7/365. There are many difficult stories of people struggling with homelessness and addiction, and there are SO MANY beautiful examples of transformed lives among those we serve at Portland Rescue Mission- people just like James, who discovered the shoes.

Like James, Chad is a living example of how lives become transformed through the loving services at Portland Rescue Mission. Watch his amazing story below.

Their restored lives, like treasure once overlooked, are the reason we are celebrating!

The auction closes Monday morning at 9:50 AM. We will be sharing more with you on the blog as we have updates along the way. Please continue to spread the word so that we can get the auction in front of the right eyes, and so that many others will be inspired toward radical generosity in their own lives and communities. Here are some of the local and national headlines:

Recent local and national coverage of the Air Jordan donation:

PS: And no, we still don’t know who the donor is!

-Erin Holcomb