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GOLD SHOES. Who knew? – PART 3

The Auction Has Ended!

$50,800! The gold Air Jordans, the mystery donation that has puzzled and delighted us, sold for MORE THAN TWICE their estimated auction price at Sotheby’s this morning!!

A community of us gathered along with James, who found the shoes, in a conference room at Portland Rescue Mission while we hit the refresh button on the Sotheby’s website for the last fifteen minutes before the auction closed this morning.

Things seemed quiet at first. We were amazed and excited that the bid moved up to $20,000 within about ten minutes of the hammer, but then things started to change. In the last ten minutes before the auction, we saw the bids jump by $5,000 and then finally, in the final seconds, by $10,000, closing at an unexpected $50,800! There were a lot gasps, much cheering, and a few tears.

The most rewarding part of this whole journey has been seeing the spirit of generosity and goodwill just pouring out of every corner of our community and around the world. I’ve been deeply touched by how many people have taken time to celebrate this gift, to learn more about our work at Portland Rescue Mission, and to consider the importance of helping those who are often overlooked. It has been stunning to see the global impact of this story- it started with local news, and before long it was picked up and shared with national and international audiences- we saw reports from the UK, Australia, India, Japan, Brazil, Canada, and Ireland. So incredible.

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I work at PRM because my faith compels me toward people who are battered and bruised, and I see God’s work every day in our ministry. It has been thrilling to see the love for neighbor that this story has stirred up across so many hearts, and I hope that love just continues to multiply as we celebrate the holidays and head into a new year.

I could have never imagined I’d be involved in a story like this one, and I am filled with gratitude toward everyone who has been a part of it, from those directly involved to those cheering us on along the way. Thank you for helping us give hope and restore life; we couldn’t do it without the immense support we receive from the community. Maybe someday we will learn the story of how the sneakers ended up in our donation bin, but until then, I am so glad they have found a home, and I’m amazed at how many precious individuals will find their way home as a result.

Recent local and national coverage of the Air Jordan donation:

PS: And no, we still don’t know who the donor is!

– Erin Holcomb