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Shepherd's Door

Shepherd’s Door Graduation: Becca

At Shepherd’s Door, women and children have a safe, secure space to recover from the pain of their past. The 12-month residential program offers addiction recovery, life skills training and spiritual growth as they develop an understanding of how to make a total life change, restoring relationships, and living in freedom!

Every few months, we have the privilege of celebrating with individuals who have completed the program. Recently, we celebrated with several women, who each had the opportunity to reflect on the life experiences that brought them to Shepherd’s Door, and the growth they’ve experienced during their stay.

Becca remembers when she first heard about the New Life Recovery Program, “When I found out about Shepherd’s Door, I was actually sitting in a jail cell…just bad choice after bad choice. I was just so full of shame and regret, and I just felt worthless.”

Becca came to Shepherd’s Door and began her journey with a community of other women and staff who walked alongside her on her path to a new life. “This program does restore lives, and does give hope, and the truth is I don’t even know the words to express how grateful I am for what Jesus has done in my life.”

“There’s not a beautiful enough word to say how grateful, and how lucky, and how blessed I am. I love who I am today. I love me. That’s not something I would have said a year ago, at all.”

If you, or someone you love, are seeking freedom from addiction, a rich relationship with God and a group of women to walk this journey with, consider applying for an interview at Shepherd’s Door by calling 503-746-9743.