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Shepherd's Door

Gina’s Smile

Many times our homeless guests have health issues that they are not able to take care of, either because they don’t have the money or insurance to pay for a doctor’s visit, or they just don’t have a way to get there. It is particularly hard for our guests and residents to have consistent dental care, and therefore most have very poor oral health. Many have multiple teeth missing, leading to low self-esteem and simple, daily life struggles.

Bridgeview group pic

Since 2006, Dr. Parks and the team at Bridgeview Dental Associates have donated their time and resources to the residents at Shepherd’s Door, our ministry for women and children. Last month, as one of several women Dr. Parks’ team helped, Gina walked into their office, uncomfortable and uncertain about going to the dentist. She had lost most of her teeth while in her addiction and was worried about what the dentist would say about the teeth she still had. The compassion shown by Dr. Parks and his team quickly put her at ease. To her great joy, Dr. Parks made it possible for her to have a brand new set of dentures for free.

Today, thrilled to show off the new teeth she received from Bridgeview Dental, Gina isn’t shy about showing off her smile. “God has made me beautiful both on the inside and now the outside,” she says. “I am truly blessed!”


Gina is very grateful to the whole team at Bridgeview Dental for her new smile. Dr. Parks confirms that the feeling is mutual. “It is very gratifying for our entire team to be able to restore someone’s teeth and give them something to smile about,” he says. “Gina came into our office shy and not very confident and left grinning from ear to ear. That is what it is all about!”