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About Homelessness

Think differently about people experiencing homelessness in Portland (videos)

At Portland Rescue Mission, we love stories that warm our souls. If you’re a regular follower of our blog, you might remember a recent story about Donald Gould. Donald found his way off the streets after his musical talent got him discovered on the streets of Florida. In that process, he was also able to reconnect with his long lost son.

Donald’s story, of course, is a particular favorite of ours.

Below are a couple of other great videos floating around on the Internet that just might cause you to think about packing a care kit next time you’re out and about or, maybe consider volunteering here at the Mission. Thanks for joining us in giving hope and restoring life.

Enjoy the videos …

And finally, here’s a bonus video from actor Danny Trejo about how he overcame addiction in his own life, eventually became a drug counselor and has now made it one of his missions to help keep youth from going down the same path he did early in his life:

Portland Rescue Mission offers over 330,000 meals each year. We also offer about 80,000 safe nights of shelter and provide mail services to over 1,000 people. (Read more about our Hope Ministries, Pathway Ministries and New Life Ministries).