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About Homelessness

Temperatures Plummet in Portland


It’s that time of year again. For those who park outside, this week marks the first time in months that we need to scrape ice off the windshield in the morning. This chilly inconvenience for some of us is much more than just inconvenient for a man, woman, or child without a warm place to sleep at night. It’s deadly.

“I’ve gotten up to go to the bathroom across the street and all my sleeping gear is gone, that fast,” says Andy from our Link Ministry. “And it’s 26 degrees out. So what do you do? You end up walking the night just to stay warm. Because you can’t lay there. You could, but if you did fall asleep, you’d probably freeze.”

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As KGW points out in a recent article, there are roughly 2,800 homeless people in Multnomah County on any given night. “Even with emergency warming shelters opening Wednesday, there are less than 1,000 beds available.”

Link to article and video story here.

Those who don’t get a bed for the night are forced into survival mode. As one homeless man, James, says: “You got to have the scarf. You want to go with at least two or three sweaters on. If you do get a mat on the floor, you’re usually pretty thankful” (KGW).

You can help!

We want to help every person who comes to our door. While we don’t have enough space to provide every person with a bed, we offer blankets, socks, jackets, gloves, hats, and more winter clothing. In order to have enough clothing to continue giving out, we ask that you please consider donating new or gently used items. Blankets and socks are the highest priority donation need this season. For a complete list of needed items, click here.

Thank you for you generous support as we work together to provide for hurting, homeless people during this winter season.

For information on how to donate items, click here.

For information on how to donate money, click here.