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Mission Bar-B-Que a ‘natural fit’ for Home Builders Foundation event

What makes a gloriously sunny day with good conversation and Skeet Shooting at the Portland Gun Club even better? Mission Bar-B-Que for lunch. And for over 350 people at attending an event hosted by the Home Builder’s Foundation (the non-profit arm of the Home Builders Association of Metropolitan Portland), that’s exactly what they were treated to.

Mission Bar-B-Que earned rave reviews from almost everyone present; one individual was especially impressed.  From the southern part of the United States, where bar-b-que is serious business, Mark Bisbang (Home Builders Association’s Director of Membership Services & Councils) had nothing but positives to share about Mission Bar-B-Que.

“Coming from Kansas City, I thought this was very good. The ‘burnt ends’ were probably the best I’ve ever had, and where I’m from, they’re quite confident with their bar-b-que—they get pretty cocky about it,” he explained. “The brisket was also really good.”

Along with the jalapeno macaroni and cheese, the brisket and burnt ends were the day’s winners with the event-goers.

Mission Bar-B-Que earned high praise for more than just its tasty food options, though, the concept as a whole excited Home Builders Association (HBA) CEO Dave Nielsen.

The Mission Bar-B-Que smiles at the Home Builders Foundation's event at the Portland Gun Club.

The Mission Bar-B-Que team smiles at the Home Builders Foundation’s (HBF) event at the Portland Gun Club.

“I love the way Mission Bar-B-Que fulfills a real ‘mission’ of Portland Rescue Mission to give people not just a bed, but a way to develop skills, confidence and self-respect,” he said. “And HBA/Home Builders Foundation (HBF) is always looking for great ways to connect to the projects and organizations we support at our fundraising events …

“Having our members see and experience who is impacted by our support in such a positive way is awesome. It’s not focused on what’s gone wrong, but what’s going right and how lives can be turned around.”

Ken Crowdery, the Executive Director of HBF, expressed similar feelings about the holistic nature of Portland Rescue Mission’s use of Mission Bar-B-Que.

“We were extremely impressed with the quality of the service and food … and we will certainly use them again,” he stated. “We really like the fact that a nonprofit organization is generating its own income to support its services and, at the same time, providing valuable job experience for its clients. It’s a winning combination.”

It’s also part of a growing relationship. After HBF spearheaded the renovation of The Harbor, Mission Bar-B-Que served as what HBF Events Manager Nicole Bailey called a “natural fit” for events like the one they put on at the Portland Gun Club.

“Anything we can do for Portland Rescue Mission we’re up for because our mission is to build and renovate homeless shelters in the Portland area,” she said. “And after we had the chance to meet the Mission Bar-B-Que staff, and hear Dwight’s story, it helped us make the connection and really caused us to want to have them come to this event.”

Dwight Gay, the Mission Bar-B-Que Pit Master is a graduate of our New Life Ministries. He was at the event with his fellow staff team member Barbara Service, another graduate of New Life Ministries and a handful of other women from Shepherd’s Door who are current participants in the program.

If your business, organization or church is interested in Mission Bar-B-Que catering your next event, call the staff at 855-MSSN-BBQ or email them at BBQ@PDXMission.org. You can also peruse the site for yourself and see what we have to offer!

IN THE NEWS: Portland Rescue Mission also recently completed some extensive renovations of our Burnside Shelter in downtown thanks to the Home Builders Foundation along with the Boeing Employee Community Fund and M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust, in addition to individual donors.