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Drive Away Hunger cares for community, aids transformation


Each vehicle donated to Portland Rescue Mission has a story and has value.

“Each car is seen as a sacrifice from a family. It’s part of their wealth,” Car Sales and Donations Manager Dick Osborne said.

Such gifts directly impact the men, women and children we serve at the Mission by helping fund our Hope Ministries, Pathway Ministries and New Life Ministries. Some of our larger donations, in fact, are through the sale of the cars at Drive Away Hunger. Last year, Drive Away Hunger sold 945 cars, enough to provide around 187,000 meals for hungry people.

“Our average sale here is about $2,200, and it fluctuates here and there,” Dick said.

_MG_1419An ideal car donation tends to be a vehicle newer than 2000 and in good running condition with a good interior. It also helps if not much is needed to prepare it for re-sale.

“The good cars like that, we’ve been very successful at selling,” Dick emphasized.

The lot is also home to some non-traditional, more unique vehichles as well. Drive Away Hunger, at one point or another, has been home to everything from a trolley, to a ski boat, to a giant RV, a carpet business truck and even a TV news car.

Drive Away Hunger receives about 70 cars a month. The cars are checked for drivability, repaired as needed and re-sold. If the Mission can’t resell a car on-site, it is then sold either wholesale to an auction or sent to a crusher. Even Recycled cars still bring revenue to the Mission.

“Everything that comes in the door has value,” Dick reiterated.

Big changes are on the horizon, though, for Drive Away Hunger, including preparations to house the warehouse for Portland Rescue Mission. The main sales lot will be moved to the west side of the building — allowing for larger space and an increase in sales.

_MG_1495Drive Away Hunger currently has two full-time mechanics. The Mission is also looking for another Christian mechanic to join the team. (Read more about the open positions here).

“Our biggest goal here is to raise as many funds as we can for the Mission. The other goal is to reach out to people in the community,” Dick said.

Individuals and families can find a great bargain when purchasing a vehicle or RV through our organization. Countless homeless individuals have also been referred to our downtown shelter when they have come into our location looking for assistance. Drive Away Hunger’s staff desires that people from the community who come to donate or purchase a car feel comfortable, blessed and “feel the love of God,” Dick summed up.

Stop by the car-sales lot to meet the staff, take a tour of the facility or look at our inventory. Drive Away Hunger is open Monday through Saturday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., and is located at 8301 NE Halsey, Portland, OR 97220. You can also reach the staff by phone at 503-906-7673. To donate a car visit www.PortlandRescueMission.org/Car.


The staff at Drive Away Hunger amaze me by their service. They are honest and care about the individuals and families that come through the door: which is refreshing and surprising when it comes to salesmen in the car business.

I got a great deal on an incredible car. Before I even came to test drive the vehicle I was interested in, the guys had it moved off the back lot, cleaned and detailed for me. I love my Subaru legacy outback and am very grateful for the kindness and generosity of the staff at Drive Away Hunger. They reflect the love of Christ, which is one of their greatest desires.

Portland Rescue Mission’s Drive Away Hunger is a great option for anyone looking for a used car. Every purchase goes to support the work of Portland Rescue Mission, allowing hurting men, women and children in our city find hope and life. I can’t think of a better option for a car purchase. Thank you Drive Away Hunger!


Erin smiles in her new car from Drive Away Hunger

Erin smiles in her new car from Drive Away Hunger