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Burnside Shelter

Support women and children at Shepherd’s Door through advocacy (job openings)

mom-and-child-at-shepherds-doorAt Portland Rescue Mission, one of the greatest joys we get to experience is watching women suffering from homelessness and addiction transform their lives into something new and beautiful at Shepherd’s Door. It’s one of the most exciting and inspiring things that happen at the Mission. And as a staff member at Shepherd’s Door, you too could witness it every single day.

If you want to serve in a very hands-on, active role that gives hope and restores life to the women and children at Shepherd’s Door, consider applying for the role of Women’s Lead Resident Advocate (full-time). In this role, you get to serve as the point person for helping the women at Shepherd’s Door meet an array of very practical needs. Whether that means helping them meet requirements needed by outside agencies like courts, DHS or medical and dental providers, or more personal things like getting finances under control or accomplishing personal goals, our advocates are actively involved with the women and children at Shepherd’s Door. So, if you have a passion for women and children, and your ready to play an integral role in changing someone’s life, we have a place for you.

Other job opportunities currently available at Shepherd’s Door include an On Call Women’s Resident Care Specialist (part-time) and a Family Life Center Assistant (part-time, temporary) for the summer. Outside of Shepherd’s Door, we also have openings at Drive Away Hunger, at the Burnside Shelter and in our administration office. (See all job postings below). And then scroll further down for some of our staff’s favorite moments over the last month.

NIGHT MINISTRY TEAM MEMBER (part-time at the Burnside Shelter)
DONOR ENGAGEMENT OFFICER (full-time in the administration office)
VEHICLE MECHANIC (full-time at Drive Away Hunger)
WAREHOUSE MANAGER (full-time or part-time at Drive Away Hunger)
DIRECTOR OF ENGAGEMENT (full-time in the administration office)
WOMEN’S CONNECT NIGHT ASSOCIATE – Part-time at the Burnside Shelter

Eric takes a risk, writes a letter and tells his story; gets shoes from @trailblazers: https://t.co/bMKaoXunwO #PRM pic.twitter.com/hJZpZkpcSi

— PDX Rescue Mission (@pdxmission) May 10, 2016

Celebrating this beautiful Service Resident Graduate tonight!! #JesusChangesEverything pic.twitter.com/xCgNU6TFdl

— Stephanie Berry (@prm_stephanie) April 13, 2016

"Because of this place, my daughter and I don't have to worry about how we are going to get away from drugs." pic.twitter.com/vAzw9u9Km2

— PRM Erin Fowler (@prm_erin) April 26, 2016

The Discovery guys helping with the neighborhood clean-up! What a great group of hard working men giving back! pic.twitter.com/9gFXlCkkkg

— Stephanie Berry (@prm_stephanie) April 23, 2016

The Birthday cards are coming in!!!! Our annual birthday party for the homeless is in a few weeks. 🙂 #lovemyjob pic.twitter.com/VjhvtIgTkE

— PRM Erin Fowler (@prm_erin) April 22, 2016

Art workshop today was awesome! We had a guest bring collage supplies. This kid had a blast creating! #pdxmission pic.twitter.com/BV4OgJ6HZc

— PRM Erin Fowler (@prm_erin) April 21, 2016

Look who we ran into today. #RipCity pic.twitter.com/pJ8jYA48YY

— PRM Ted Wachsmuth (@prm_tedw) May 13, 2016

One of those rough retreat days…on the beautiful Columbia Gorge. #menuchaconferencecenter pic.twitter.com/pEKLPMa8Cv

— PRM Christine Ourada (@prm_christine) April 15, 2016

Beautifully stepping into the next chapter God holds. Graduation! pic.twitter.com/KGOc8ucVj6

— PRM Christine Ourada (@prm_christine) April 13, 2016

Helping out @FirstImagePDX this morning. Great org. that partners with Shepherd's Door @pdxmission pic.twitter.com/qSSWF7Kxmb

— PRM Dallas Lange (@prm_dallasl) May 14, 2016

Men at #PRM The Harbor spend their afternoon serving Shepherd's Door by spreading some bark: https://t.co/Iw1D3kFAXM pic.twitter.com/kzw8ugHtJL

— PDX Rescue Mission (@pdxmission) May 12, 2016