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Drive Away Hunger

Join Portland Rescue Mission in giving hope, restoring life (job openings)

It’s summertime at Portland Rescue Mission, and while many people are slowing down and enjoying vacation, our dedicated staff and compassionate volunteers continue to help men, women and children overcome homelessness and addiction–loving every minute of it.

Our Hope, Pathway and New Life Ministries are firing on all cylinders, and we are looking for new people to continue helping us give hope and restore life to everyone who comes to us looking for help and direction. Are you ready to make the leap and join our efforts as a staff member?

We currently have job openings at Drive Away Hunger, Shepherd’s Door and The Harbor. Drive Away Hunger is located in northeast Portland, and it serves as our hub for buying and donating used cars. Shepherd’s Door and The Harbor are the locations of our New Life Ministries for women and men, respectively, and both facilities are also located in northeast Portland. We are also looking for an HR representative as well as a Project Management Coordinator (links to full descriptions of open positions below). So, if you are interested in joining the team, apply online today. And in the meantime, check out some of our staff’s favorite moments from the last month.

Celebrating 2 great men today who have completed our Restoration Ministry. Smiles, tears and gratitude. @prm_bob pic.twitter.com/Ub9IWI2oym

— PRM Dallas Lange (@prm_dallasl) June 23, 2015

Is Mission Bar-B-Que by #PRM the best in northwest? One southern couple seems to think so: http://t.co/fvAHwSJWKg pic.twitter.com/WiPoPzddNs

— PDX Rescue Mission (@pdxmission) June 29, 2015

Hiked Wakenah Falls and Angels Rest with The Harbor guys today. Thankful for God's creation and these men. pic.twitter.com/raIse5Fapf

— PRM Dallas Lange (@prm_dallasl) June 19, 2015

Celebrating The Harbor Birthday tonight. God has been faithful for the last 365 and will be for the next. pic.twitter.com/T6DJpFXtmg

— PRM Dallas Lange (@prm_dallasl) July 1, 2015

New sign is up at The Harbor. Reminded of the many men that will walk through this door to find hope and restoration. pic.twitter.com/GsIBSVBKF7

— PRM Dallas Lange (@prm_dallasl) July 6, 2015

These gals know how to have fun… Clean and sober! pic.twitter.com/VW0MIIGMEE

— PRM Christine Ourada (@prm_christine) June 24, 2015

Day of R&R on the 'farm' for residents and staff of Shepherd's Door pic.twitter.com/YcHWfiwlvc

— PRM Christine Ourada (@prm_christine) June 24, 2015

Flowers from the grounds at Shepherds Door, designed by our botanical resident, Kat! (Delivered to all offices) pic.twitter.com/Tj5IwNj3DH

— PRM Christine Ourada (@prm_christine) June 26, 2015

Being 'cool' and productive on this hot day in Portland! Van washing at Shepherds Door #pdxmission pic.twitter.com/4WOMSWDXSa

— PRM Christine Ourada (@prm_christine) July 3, 2015

patriotic paint day! #pdxmission #kids pic.twitter.com/4CuIirj7xt

— PRM Erin Fowler (@prm_erin) July 1, 2015

This strong and beautiful girl was with us from the beginning. Her last week with us. #worldchangers #pdxmission pic.twitter.com/OQ7COt9Sja

— PRM Erin Fowler (@prm_erin) July 8, 2015

And sometimes…I leave work looking like this. #pdxmission #kids pic.twitter.com/Dyux6LXQo0

— PRM Erin Fowler (@prm_erin) July 11, 2015

Shannon (far right) has been serving #PRM every Tuesday night for a year. Thank you! We appreciate ALL our volunteers pic.twitter.com/IJwaNCALum

— PDX Rescue Mission (@pdxmission) July 10, 2015


WOMEN’S GROWTH LEADER (Case Manager): Full-time at Shepherd’s Door

GROWTH SUPPORT STAFF MEMBER: Part-time at Shepherd’s Door (Check out how our overnight team serves as “light” and “shield” for Portland Rescue Mission)


WOMEN’S GROWTH MANAGER: Full-time at Shepherd’s Door

VEHICLE MECHANIC: Full-time at Drive Away Hunger

VEHICLE MECHANIC (temporary): Full-time or part-time at Drive Away Hunger


PROJECT MANAGEMENT COORDINATOR: Full-time at Administration Office