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You are passionate about seeing the hurting find hope. You are a problem solver. You enjoy social media trends and analytics. You love writing…

And that’s what makes you a great fit for the position of Digital Marketing Specialist at Portland Rescue Mission!

You will expand the message and ministry of Portland Rescue Mission by creating excellent online user experiences that communicate the heart of this ministry in a digital sphere.

The Digital Marketing Specialist will have excellent written communication skills, familiarity with HTML / CSS, and high attention to detail. We are looking for someone full-time to help us increase our digital strategy. Click HERE to learn more about this position!

Come give hope and restore life with us.

Check out some of our other open roles: including positions in church partnership, resident community life and accounting. Apply Today!

A peak at life around the Mission this past month:


A peak inside wholistic recovery for women at Shepherd's Door #PDXmission. pic.twitter.com/oBS9EeDnpv

— PDX Rescue Mission (@pdxmission) October 17, 2016


— PDX Rescue Mission (@pdxmission) October 15, 2016

Have you experienced a powerful "Ah-ha" moment? Read the "Ah-ha" moments of our recent New Life Graduates.https://t.co/a9OshHtwbe pic.twitter.com/ZtIM8PhnNX

— PDX Rescue Mission (@pdxmission) October 12, 2016

https://t.co/wDlmrE0iwF #Meals make the difference. pic.twitter.com/QB7cYRGR5p

— PDX Rescue Mission (@pdxmission) October 12, 2016

Buy a heater and give winter warmth to people facing the cold this winter. @WoodPelletPro is donating blankets!https://t.co/mvRvyHC1hA pic.twitter.com/CpWobQNMe5

— PDX Rescue Mission (@pdxmission) October 11, 2016

How will you spend World Homeless Action Day? https://t.co/YglH0yXoEz pic.twitter.com/4pJi9AtG3K

— PDX Rescue Mission (@pdxmission) October 10, 2016

"Future for me looks good. Hope is huge." #graduation day at #PDXmission. pic.twitter.com/y7R2nG8Reu

— PDX Rescue Mission (@pdxmission) October 7, 2016

Thank you for giving hope and restoring life! We couldn't do this without YOU! pic.twitter.com/rfjah0OEZO

— PDX Rescue Mission (@pdxmission) October 7, 2016

The girl behind the art. Have you seen this video yet? https://t.co/WMyIWR27t8 pic.twitter.com/i9SnwoxXoK

— PDX Rescue Mission (@pdxmission) October 5, 2016

Whenever Emma is in the house, you know everyone is going to eat good! #volunteer #PDXmission. https://t.co/lR41k6nX0z pic.twitter.com/QPsxMM6wmG

— PDX Rescue Mission (@pdxmission) October 3, 2016

You will want to see this! Our latest video is unlike anything we have tried before. https://t.co/WMyIWQKwBA pic.twitter.com/GYxGccrGsV

— PDX Rescue Mission (@pdxmission) September 29, 2016

Our mail service serves over 1,000 people. Thanks to Mainly Cabinets we have a new system! https://t.co/ckKFoOr2PT pic.twitter.com/09d4Zpsb5A

— PDX Rescue Mission (@pdxmission) September 28, 2016