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Burnside Shelter

Help transform lives, work at Portland Rescue Mission

At Portland Rescue Mission, we are blessed to give hope and restore life to men, women and children in life crisis. Our New Life Ministries at Shepherd’s Door (women and children) and The Harbor (men) are 12-month programs designed to help people break free from addiction and focus on their recovery process.

Be a part of the dramatic life transformation in the lives of people who come to our Mission looking for help. Check out several open positions at the Mission, many of which involve working directly with residents to help them make significant changes in their life.

We are also hiring a variety of other roles, including a vital position as an Assistant Pit Chef in our newest vocational venture with Mission Bar-B-Que. Read more about that position along with all of our other openings at Drive Away Hunger, our Burnside Shelter and more.

And be sure to check out some of our staff’s favorite moments over the last month.

Saw this label on some donated socks and thought it was perfect. After all, aren't we all slightly imperfect? pic.twitter.com/82MaLTzHr6

— PRM June Cassell (@prm_junec) September 18, 2015

Women's day trip to Multnomah Falls. A woman was severely beaten there 27 yrs ago. The trip brought freedom/healing! pic.twitter.com/J9VYxUtYJM

— PRM Christine Ourada (@prm_christine) October 15, 2015

"Look! There's some water! Why can't I be baptized?" (Acts 8:36b NLT) The highlight of The Harbor annual retreat! pic.twitter.com/IqKbAtrbIj

— PRM Bob Rapp (@prm_bob) September 22, 2015

Everybody survived the fun raft adventure, including all the men who fell overboard & sought immediate rescue/safety. pic.twitter.com/gOO7erSowz

— PRM Bob Rapp (@prm_bob) September 22, 2015

Mission accomplished! #ProjectSleepSafe success! Thank you to our donors for making it happen. Amazing! #WHAD2015 pic.twitter.com/eulbSmupTj

— PDX Rescue Mission (@pdxmission) October 9, 2015

Not finished yet, Mike gets a second chance at The Harbor: http://t.co/tffAIwmB5M #PRM #Recovery #Graduation pic.twitter.com/7KEtaNlbwT

— PDX Rescue Mission (@pdxmission) October 7, 2015

Steve becomes more than he ever thought possible at The Harbor: http://t.co/VSrhGfKv9z #PRM #recovery #graduation pic.twitter.com/iy2JTieWDW

— PDX Rescue Mission (@pdxmission) October 2, 2015


Obi puts anger and paranoia in the past, finds family at The Harbor: http://t.co/8U0IQvyhyI #PRM #recovery pic.twitter.com/XPiY6BYXMl

— PDX Rescue Mission (@pdxmission) October 15, 2015

Fact: Women and children are the fastest growing segment of people experiencing homelessness. #WHAD2015 pic.twitter.com/tf4JS6tpTF

— PRM Erin Fowler (@prm_erin) October 9, 2015

WOMEN’S GROWTH LEADER (CASE MANAGER) – Full-time at Shepherd’s Door


NIGHT MINISTRY TEAM MEMBERPart-time at our Burnside Shelter




DONOR ENGAGEMENT OFFICERFull-time in our administration office


WOMEN’S GROWTH MANAGERFull-time at Shepherd’s Door


VEHICLE MECHANICFull-time at Drive Away Hunger




ASSISTANT PIT CHIEFFull-time at Mission Bar-B-Que


WEEKEND LIFE STAFFPart-time at The Harbor


IT HELP DESKPart-time / on-call in our administration office