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Xavier finds hope at The Harbor after 20 years homeless

Xavier never dreamed that he’d end up homeless. But at age 13, life on the streets seemed easier than enduring more abuse at home. “It was scary, because you never know where your next meal’s going to come from. It was hunger pains. Not having clean clothes. It felt like hopelessness.” Along with the pain…

15 March 3rd, 2016 0
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Art at the Burnside Shelter inspires hope, encourages creativity and dreams

It’s noon on a Thursday at the Burnside Shelter. Thursdays are a good day. The Guest Care Center door is open and art and color and the sharing of life takes place. Step inside and you’ll meet Andrew and Erin. Both on staff at Portland Rescue Mission, the two wanted to create a place where…

17 February 12th, 2016 0
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Homelessness in Portland, beyond: Videos that make you think

A story is a powerful thing. Everyone who walks through the yellow door of our Burnside Shelter comes with a story of how they got there. We hear of loss, struggle, sickness, hunger and addiction. But, in time, those stories can grow into testimonies of hope, strength and restoration. It takes time, food, shelter, prayer…

18 January 13th, 2016 0
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2015 in review, 10 ‘Stories of Hope’ from Portland Rescue Mission

With 2015 in the rearview mirror, it only seemed appropriate to look back at all the transformation you helped make happen at Portland Rescue Mission through your generosity. With your financial support, we have been blessed to be a part of all of these men and women’s journeys below and so much more. It has…

19 December 31st, 2015 0
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Project Christmas Care: Everyone can give something, even 6-year-old Lucy

Everyone has something to give, and everyone can contribute to a place like Portland Rescue Mission for many different reasons. For Lucy, it was because of a woman she met named Cami. After seeing her mom give Cami a gift card for some food to eat, she thought it was important to do even more…

20 December 16th, 2015 0
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Robin escapes her cardboard blanket, regains faith at Connect

Every bed makes it possible for hundreds of lives to be touched by God’s love. On a cold, wet night here in Portland, a warm comfortable bed is a God-send for most of the people we see each day – like Robin. “I woke up in the morning freezing cold and wet. Someone stole my…

18 December 2nd, 2015 0
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Overflowing with joy, Barbara lights up Shepherd’s Door, Mission Bar-B-Que

Overflowing with joy, the smile on Barbara’s face is unmistakable. As she walks the halls at Shepherd’s Door, her transformation is evident to all. Barbara’s past life is but a distant memory, and all who meet her can’t help but be inspired by her story. “She’s my hero,” said Fox 12 Oregon’s Amy Troy at our…

22 November 16th, 2015 0
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More guests find rest, safety with Portland Rescue Mission’s opening of Winter Shelter

“It’s painful to sleep outside,” Mike said as he ate breakfast at the Burnside Shelter. “Especially if you have a family.” At the time of the conversation, Mike had recently woke up from sleeping under the roof of Portland Rescue Mission, and was grateful to not be so “scatterbrained and uncomfortable” as he would have…

22 November 3rd, 2015 2
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Give a meal, give hope this Thanksgiving at Portland Rescue Mission

A note from Eric Bauer (Executive Director of Portland Rescue Mission) … You’re probably already making plans for Thanksgiving. Family, friends, great memories and fun-filled events. At Portland Rescue Mission, we’re in the middle of big plans, too. We want to make this Thanksgiving season extra special for thousands of hurting people right here in…

18 October 27th, 2015 3
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Lazara reunites with family, grows in God’s ‘greenhouse’ at Shepherd’s Door

“I had every intention of staying married until we were old, building a life together and raising our kids,” says Lazara. Like most of us, she wanted a happy life and a loving home. More than anything, Lazara yearned to save her children from the kind of pain she’d experienced growing up. Though her family…

26 September 29th, 2015 0
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