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About Homelessness

Robin escapes her cardboard blanket, regains faith at Connect

Every bed makes it possible for hundreds of lives to be touched by God’s love.

On a cold, wet night here in Portland, a warm comfortable bed is a God-send for most of the people we see each day – like Robin.

“I woke up in the morning freezing cold and wet. Someone stole my piece of cardboard, which had meant everything to me that night. I walked around all day numb and shaking.”

Robin never expected to become homeless. Happily married with six children, she stayed busy working a job and meeting the needs of her family. But after her daughter was murdered, unbearable grief tore her family apart. Divorce left Robin on the streets of Portland with only a backpack of food and clothing to survive.

“It’s rough out there, especially for a woman. Guys take advantage of you, but you hold on to them because you’re lonely. You’re doing things you thought you would never do, just to survive. You’re always searching for your next meal or a safe place to sleep.”

Your support provides safe refuge, caring friendship and practical steps to help people regain their lives. Robin was amazed to find a sense of family and warmth in our 3-month Connect program for women.

“The Mission opened their arms and let me come in. They gave me love. They gave me food. They gave me my faith in God back. They gave me my life.”

Robin expected to die devastated and alone. But thanks to friends like you, her life is restored in ways she never thought possible. Robin has her own place to live and is excited to be reconnecting with her family.

Your special Christmas gift today to make more “Room at the Inn” will help more women like Robin find hope for a new life. Thank you for your generosity.