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About Homelessness

SAFE AT LAST: Provide Safety for Women and Children


Women and children are the fastest growing segment of the homeless population. In addition to those already on the street, thousands are “couch-surfing” and considered just one step away from homelessness.

“Its hard out here on the streets. Its scary. I’ve put my life in danger, sleeping under the bridge where there’s nobody there with me,” shared one woman.

Portland Rescue Mission exists to give hope and restore life. Our northeast facility at Shepherd’s Door is dedicated solely to recovery for women and their children.

The first time I came here, that’s when I felt safe from the streets and being homeless,” shared Neiva.

“This program has given me hope for the future and for a different life. This program has given me great skills: parenting, how to manage my anger, and how to pray to a wonderful God.”

Click HERE to learn how you can provide one full day of meals, program services, recovery, biblical counseling and life skills training in our Shepherd’s Door program for women and children. Your gift provides safety for women and children in danger.

Your gift also makes for a meaningful Mother’s Day gift when you give to honor a special woman in your life.