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About Homelessness

CommuniCare and Portland Rescue Mission Bring Hope to Those Homeless and Hungry

This spring Portland Rescue Mission got a chance to participate in the inspiring CommuniCare program of The Harold & Arlene Schnitzer CARE Foundation.

Portland Rescue Mission Staf presents to Franklin High School CommuniCare

CommuniCare Makes Students the Grantmakers

This unique program takes place in local schools, making students the grantmakers. Each student group works together, deciding what their focus will be, writing their own mission statements, and working to raise funds for grantmaking, which The Harold & Arlene Schnitzer CARE Foundation generously matches 10:1.

The students then review applications from nonprofits doing work that aligns with their mission statements and interview them to learn more about their impact in the community. Finally, the students get to decide the best way to distribute the grants they have available in a given year in order to make the greatest impact in their chosen focus area.

CommuniCare teens award Portland Rescue Mission

CommuniCare Engages Students in the Community

The program aims to create a lasting impact in both the students’ lives and the community, as stated on their site: “By challenging students to engage in the community service that is both rewarding and educational, we hope to encourage them to become active adult citizens in their communities.”

Portland Rescue Mission Receives a CommuniCare Award

CommuniCare teens award Portland Rescue Mission with a $4,000 grant to fight hunger.

Portland Rescue Mission was honored to receive a grant from the CommuniCare program this year alongside many other nonprofits doing outstanding work in our community.

You can reach out to the CommuniCare program if you’d like to learn more or to find out if this program could be implemented in a school you care about.

Want to join CommuniCare in partnering with Portland Rescue Mission to help men, women, and children in need?

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