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Burnside Shelter

Mainly Cabinets Gifts Mission New Mail System


Did you know that about 1,000 people use Burnside’s Shelter as their home address?

Our mail services provide anyone who needs one–an address for job applications, family correspondence, medication and legal issues.

Mail is “an essential service for our guests to navigate life and move forward,” said Tim Desper, Director of Burnside Services.

One of our faithful volunteers, Alex, requested that a new mail system be designed for the Mission’s Guest Relations office.

That’s when Dale and Karl stepped on the scene. They were touched and inspired by the work of the Mission and the staff after a visit to
the Burnside Shelter.

The duo from Mainly Cabinets designed and delivered the miracle of a giant mail cabinet designed for the Mission’s front office. Now we can more efficiently manage mail as a service to our guests.

“It’s truly wonderful, and we are so grateful to Mainly Cabinets in making this possible,” said Tim.

“We hope that guests feel confident in the new system,” said Karl. “We hope it creates a calming confidence for the guests.”

On behalf of the thousands of guests that will be blessed by this gift, thank you Karl, Dale and the team from Mainly Cabinets. We are grateful for your creativity, generosity and labor in building this cabinet for us.