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Three Women Overcome Homelessness & Addiction

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Rachel, Gina, and Linda

Thanks to the generosity of supporters like you, three women are embarking on new lives!

Last Friday, January 3rd, Gina, Linda and Rachel graduated from New Life Ministry, our one-year residential addiction recovery program! Throughout their time at Shepherd’s Door, our facility specifically designed for women’s recovery, the women worked alongside our counselors to uncover the core issues behind the addictions that had ripped their lives apart.

Portland Rescue Mission has changed my life,” Gina said. “Without the Mission being here and changing the way I look at my life, I couldn’t tell you where I’d be. I’d probably be living on the streets.”

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Linda and Gina with their mentors.

Each woman had the opportunity to share her story in front of hundreds of friends, family members, staff, and volunteers. It was an emotional, joyful, and inspirational time as the women described the radical transformations they have gone through in the past year.

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“I’ve gained so many tools and so much knowledge, experience, and love from this program,” Linda said. “When I came here, I was a wreck. I was isolated and comfortable being isolated. But through the classes, counselors and volunteers here – they’ve brought me back to life.”

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Each graduate shared her story in front of family and friends.

The women not only healed from the root causes that led to their addictions, but they also underwent an in-depth spiritual renewal that has taught them to rely on God instead of drugs, alcohol, and others.

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“It’s brought me to peace with myself,” Linda said. “Before, I would try to run from my problems – or just anesthetize them. This program has taught me how to deal with those problems. I know God cares for me. I know I have self-worth and value now. That comes from God and no one else, and nobody can take that away from me.”


Gina embraces her son after sharing her story.

Another huge emphasis at Shepherd’s Door and The Harbor, our men’s addiction recovery facility, is preparing our residents for life after their time with us. Throughout the program, each resident undergoes a specifically-crafted life skills program just for them. If they are weak in math, computer skills, reading, or any other important job skill, we work alongside them to make them well-rounded for whatever lies ahead.

For many residents, learning disabilities, trauma and addictions made educational success difficult. Many believe they aren’t even capable of finishing their education. But through our program, we have helped dozens of residents complete their GED and attend college!

All three of last week’s graduates have vastly improved their educational skills and are heading on to exciting things:


As Rachel said, “The Mission has meant a new life, a new start. A life that didn’t exist a year ago. I wouldn’t have made it to my 30th birthday without Portland Rescue Mission. It’s given me my life back.”

Thank you for continuing to invest your time, prayers, and finances into the lives of men and women – like Gina, Rachel, and Linda – who are experiencing total life transformation. They couldn’t do it without your help.