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Portland Rescue Mission Personal Perspective: Sandy Pannell


My name is Sandy Pannell. I have been serving at Shepherds Door with women from my church, First Orthodox Presbyterian Church, since 2011.

 We serve the second Thursday of the month and provide homemade pizza for the children, women, and staff at Shepherd’s Door. Additionally, with a group of women from a variety of ministries, we served the women at the Portland Rescue Mission downtown by washing their feet, gave them massages, handed out toiletries, socks, hats, and pray for and with the woman.

What has been an impactful moment you have experienced or witnessed while serving?

To have the opportunity to minister with a young woman throughout her program, and who I got to see graduate from Shepherd’s Door. After graduation, she joined us for the feet washing ministry downtown Portland, which showed me how Christ had worked through her heart to give back to women who needed support like she did.

How have you grown or changed through volunteering?

I have even more empathy and compassion for the children and women at Shepherds Door; to fellowship with them, to see where they’ve been and where they’re wanting to be, to see their spiritual growth, their dedication to the program, and to the Lord is a blessing and just makes me want to serve more.

What has it meant to you personally to connect with the guests and participants at PRM?

To see the love and dedication of staff and to be able to serve Christ at a place that cares for children and women where a positive difference can be made.

What would you say to encourage others who may be interested in volunteering?

Through volunteering you can share the Word, get to know and pray for the children and women, and see the growth of the women who are going through the program. You will feel a deep gratitude and appreciation from serving Christ and His people.