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March Glimmers

God is doing amazing things in the lives of the residents here at Portland Rescue Mission! At The Harbor, our community of men overcoming homelessness and addiction, so many are seeing God’s work first-hand. Here are some ways the men have recognized God’s love in their lives.


“I told God that if he would take my life and make it worth living and give me a future and hope, I would give it to Him. Apparently, He took me up on my offer. Praise God. I love Him and hope my life will honor Him.” -Gordon

“God reunited me with my father an my sister! AND I got the chance to meet my 15 month old nephew, Bruce! So humble that we serve a God who is in the restoration business!” -Anonymous

“He brought me to the Rescue Mission and taught me that I have always been his first love. So I need to make Him my first love His loving kindness endures forever”.-Johnny

“I got to go to the movies with my daughter. I hadn’t seen her for 8 years. Praise God. She told me she is going to come to my graduation.” -Gordon

“My family is talking to me again and now has accepted me back into the family. They are behind me 100% and they are very happy.” -Randy

“God has shown his Glimmer towards me in a way that he has lead me to this Harbor program. I had no direction – no where to go and one that accepted me but he lead me to The Harbor where Ive been welcomed with greatness.” – Fernando

“I heard how God lead a brother to The Harbor. It came down to one phone call just in time. 30 minutes later and our brother would not be here at The Harbor.” – Brandon

Through prayer, fellowship and community, lives are changed. Thank you for making recovery happen for so many men and women in our programs!