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Glinmers, notes of encouragement at Portland Rescue Mission.

If you walk down the hallways at The Harbor or Shepherd’s Door, sites for the new life recovery program through Portland Rescue Mission, you might see lanterns filled up with little slips of paper, resting on countertops. These are home to what program staff and residents call “Glimmers,” notes of encouragement and praise.

A “Glimmer” is when God demonstrates his love toward us, in a small or special way, often through someone else. Staff and residents record some of these moments to acknowledge God’s goodness, thank those that have demonstrated God’s love towards them, or to recognize a time when they have done the same.

Here are some “Glimmers” from the past few months:

“God, or ‘my dad’ ‘my papa’, does answer prayers. He has been restoring my family and I back into eachother’s lives. Praise God!” – M

“I cannot speak highly enough about Sean Berry’s role at the mission, especially his hiking trips. In the Discovery phase we are discovering many things, and this beautiful state is one of them. Thank you The Harbor and thank you Sean!.” – Glenn

“God has given me the courage to physically see my drug and say no. He has restored my sobriety, my relationships. He has made me forgive and be able to love myself again. He has continued to unlock the doors that have no keys.” – Kameron

“Every time I doubt, [God] opens my eyes to his with his works, or someone from the program helps me understand scripture.” – Dominic

“Just want to say that I am grateful for the harbor and the men in the program, but especially for my roommate, for all his help in staying organized. The growth leaders as well, thank you all of you. Thank you, God, for all of this!” – Mark

Remembering these moments provides an opportunity for encouragement, or a short time of contemplation and thankfulness. What are some recent “Glimmers” from your life?