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About Homelessness

Coffee Donations Needed!


It’s dark outside. Imagine tossing and turning in a weathered sleeping bag; the cold, unforgiving hardness of the sidewalk pressed up against your body no matter how you lie. When you finally get “comfortable,” you struggle to fall asleep because you know everything you own could be gone when you wake up. Yes, your most valuable items – your glasses, shoes, and the remaining cash you have – are resting safely between your feet at the bottom of the sleeping bag. But your other belongings are ripe for the taking.  Anything can happen on the streets, and your mind begins to worry.

When the rain starts, you realize that sleep is hopeless tonight. Hours go by. When the sun finally rises, it’s hard to believe a new day has begun. It hardly feels that way. Seems like the days just blur together into one long, miserable nightmare.

Now imagine walking into Portland Rescue Mission. The room is warm and the people are nice. The morning news is on TV, and there’s a comfortable chair for you to sit down on. The breakfast is hot and delicious – it’s not oatmeal sludge – but it’s pancakes, eggs, and fruit. There’s orange juice and…

Coffee. A hot cup of coffee after a restless night isn’t just a cup of coffee. It changes your day. After weeks of sleepless nights? It’s practically vital.

Here at Portland Rescue Mission, we serve a lot of coffee. On average, serve 15 to 20 pounds per day. We need your help to meet this ongoing need. Coffee donations are always gladly welcomed and are a high-need item for the Mission right now.