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Broken By Fear – John’s Story of Hope

John distinctly remembers sitting in his bedroom as a teenager just waiting for his dad to come home from work.

“I would sit there listening for him to come up the stairs, sitting back waiting for the confrontation. That would be scary. One time I actually pulled a bag out and put it over my head because I was so afraid. I just sat there and wished I could suffocate myself rather than face my dad.”

John’s father would beat him physically, and his step-mother would torment him emotionally. The abuse created an overwhelming anxiety disorder within John. When he discovered alcohol in high school, it led him down a destructive path of addiction and depression.

Watch John’s story to see him tell about his journey to where he is now: in the process of recovery here at Portland Rescue Mission.

Interested in seeing more men like John overcome addiction and recover to healthy lives? Please visit www.PortlandRescueMission.org/Give to donate today. Thank you for your support!