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3 Men Graduate From The Harbor!

Photo Nov 02, 2 51 22 PM

Curtiss is honored with his graduation certificate

Three men reached major milestones in their recovery process earlier this month! Joseph and Curtiss graduated from our New Life Ministry addictions recovery program, and Jonathan (2013 graduate) completed his Service Ministry program here at the Mission!

So what’s next for these men?

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“I have a new opportunity in life to live differently. A renewed mind, spirit and heart. I feel that my life has changed. My thoughts. My beliefs. My behaviors. Relying on God has been key. I know I can be a better father and influence to my son, and I’m excited about it. I want to hold a house down, pay rent, go to the store and just be okay.” – Joseph

Photo Nov 02, 2 29 23 PM


“This is a sense of accomplishment. I have a bright future, and I know I can move forward and not do this alone. A year ago, I was hopeless and broken, living at other people’s houses. I wasn’t stable. I was lost. Now I’m found.

Life can be good and joyful. It doesn’t have to be full of sorrow and pain. My family trusts me again, and I’m closer to Jesus now. I’ve always been a believer, but I never really knew who Jesus was. He’s my savior and he’s the way to Heaven. It’s a wonderful relationship that I’ve gained.” -Curtiss

“The Mission gave me room to really change my life. A place to experience the transformational power of Christ. My faith is a lot more real now. It’s important to me. It drives me and gives me hope for my future. Eternally I’m secure, and Christ is the foundation of my future.

This was a great chance to apply the things I’d learned in the New Life program. Now I’m ready for the next chapter of my life. I’m looking for work and am also looking at going back to school to get my Master’s degree.” -Jonathan

Photo Nov 02, 3 06 46 PM