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About Homelessness

Stories of Hope from The Harbor

We can’t thank you enough for the impact you’ve made in the lives of men, women and children. Your prayers, support and time invested at Portland Rescue Mission have touched and transformed hearts at each of our locations.

The men at The Harbor recently shared about what God has done in their lives. We wanted you to hear their stories:

“God is restoring my relationship with my daughter. Although it will be a little-by-little process, I am more than excited about how Jesus is helping me to mature as a man and dad.”



“In the last 25 years, I haven’t had a day sober or stopped smoking cigarettes. Today, it’s been 9 days without a drink and two days without a cigarette. God has removed the obsession from me. Thank you Jesus.”


“God has given me another try at life. I just spent the last hour worshipping Him and praying out loud, and in doing that, I’m left speechless. Thank you Father– thank you for the staff, thank you for your life–for it was taken so we all could live out ours.”


“Cigarettes– I tried quitting on my own and could not do it. Even though I stopped smoking for a period of time, the urge was still there. After prayer, the Lord set me free completely. Now I have no desire nor craving or am I controlled by cigarettes or nicotine.”



“Something was calling me to get baptized for over a month now, and I’m happy to say that at our second service baptisms today, I surrendered my life to Jesus Christ and finally felt the Spirit!”



Thank you for restoring the lives of Terry, Adam, Kyle, Justin and Kameron.
Your love and support is deeply appreciated.