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Kindness and Baseball –A Father’s Day Story

Roger loved baseball as a kid. He always wanted his dad to play with him, but that never happened, so Roger put the mitt down.


Years later, while at The Harbor ­­–The men’s New Life Recovery Program at Portland Rescue Mission–Roger was reflecting on his childhood:


“I was missing my love for baseball,” he said, “and out of the blue my growth leader Ben walked into the dining room and asked me if I wanted to play catch. That was like music to my ears.”


“I really enjoy baseball and I knew Roger did,” said Ben. “I thought maybe this is a way we can connect and talk while we are doing something we both enjoy.”


The timing couldn’t have been more perfect.


“I kind of got teary eyed,” said Roger.
Roger’s love of baseball was something “that in some ways had been robbed from him, the idea of it had been twisted and tainted, and in some way had lost its joy for Roger,” said Ben.


Ben’s gesture to play baseball has played a huge role in the healing Roger is experiencing at The Harbor.


“God knew I was feeling down and knew I loved to play.” The opportunity to play catch with Ben felt “heaven sent” said Roger. “Ben walks the walk and he cares.”



Thank you for making healing and hope possible for men like Roger this Father’s Day. We are grateful for you.



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