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David Letterman and the Girl Scout Cookies

From the KOIN Local 6 website:

Well, David Letterman is nothing if not a man of his word.

On the Jan. 20 episode of The Late Show with David Letterman, the host bought $2,000 worth of Girl Scout Cookies from an audience member. He said he wanted the cookies delivered to KOIN Local 6 Early traffic reporter Carly Kennelly.

Earlier in the show, Letterman ran a segment called, “CBS Affiliate of the Night.” He played a video of the KOIN Early show discussing the feud between Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien, with Carly saying she is with “Team Conan.”

It appeared that Letterman’s desire to send the cookies to Carly was a sarcastic joke, but a pallet of Girl Scout Cookies was delivered to the KOIN Tower Tuesday afternoon.

The cookies will be distributed to homeless children, homeless adults and abused kids Thursday.

The “CBS Affiliate of the Night” segment is below, followed by Letterman buying the cookies and sending them to Carly.

David Letterman’s $2000 gift of Girl Scout Cookies to Carly Kennelly of KOIN Local 6 News has gone further than he might have imagined.

Carly thoughtfully and generously donated 43 cases of cookies to Shepherd’s Door, our ministry center for women and children affected by homelessness and abuse. Letterman’s good-humored prank has become a good-willed gift to hurting, hungry people.

Even if Carly isn’t a fan, the children at Shepherd’s Door put Letterman in their Top 10 this week. Thanks, David and Carly, for giving – even in this round about way – a bright moment to the lives of people who have so little.