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Black Gold Soil Jump Starts Garden Plan

Portland Rescue Mission is grateful to Black Gold for the generous donation of materials to help build gardens at Shepherd’s Door, our ministry center for women and children.  Thank you!

From the Oregon Faith Report:

Black Gold®, manufacturer of potting soils, amendments and fertilizers, is accustomed to helping gardeners of all kinds plant herbs and veggies, but they recently helped others plant hope as well. Recently, a large donation was made to Portland Rescue Mission, a Portland-based non-profit organization that provides assistance to local homeless men, women and children. The donation, consisting of over three pallets of soil and fertilizer with a value of over $2,300, will be used at the Portland Rescue Mission women’s shelter, Shepherd’s Door, to allow for the development of a new community garden. 

The women residents will maintain a raised garden where they will have the opportunity to learn gardening skills, supply food for the kitchen, and heal. 

“We believe in anything that is therapeutic for the women, and this will give them therapy and fulfillment,” says Jan Marshall, Director of Shepherd’s Door*. “And it’s beautiful! It’s the perfect timing. They were all so happy to receive this donation.” Shepherd’s Door is a shelter where women who have experienced violence and abuse can receive housing, nutrition, counseling and training. Unlike other women’s shelters, Shepherd’s Door residents can care for and live with their children while they engage in recovery for 12-18 months. 

While Black Gold® product lines are being launched nationally in 2012, they make it a priority to help locally whenever possible. Portland Rescue Mission is a frequent recipient of Black Gold® generosity as they received large donations for fundraisers and silent auctions numerous times over the last three years.

*Jan Marshall’s correct title is Senior Ministry Specialist