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Burnside Shelter

Adventist Health Meets Winter Needs for Portland’s Homeless


With compassion, integrity and respect as core values, Adventist Health has been delivering whole-person care to the residents of Portland for over 120 years. “We believe that in order for a person to really meet their fullness, it takes body, mind, and soul,” said Executive Director of Mission Integration, Dr. Terry Johnsson. “That includes taking care of their physical needs, their emotional needs, and their spiritual needs.”  This holiday season, the Adventist Health team helped meet the needs of men and women facing homelessness in Portland.


After a tour of Portland Rescue Mission’s three residential facilities, the Adventist Health team knew they wanted to do something to help.  When they inquired about tangible ways to help the guests at the mission this winter, they learned about the ongoing need for socks.

“Tim (Director of Burnside) told us what a need socks are to the community there. After hearing that, I thought, ‘what if we told the community about this need?’”


The community responded, overwhelmingly.  During Adventist Health’s annual Celebration of Thanksgiving concert in November, the community collected 2900 pairs of new socks to donate to Portland Rescue Mission.

With the arrival of winter, something as simple as a fresh pair of socks can provide hope to those experiencing homelessness. Thanks to our friends at Adventist Health, the Mission can continue to provide these necessities to those we serve.  “We are part of the community, and if we’re going to be part of the community, we’re going to be good neighbors,” said Terry.


We at Portland Rescue Mission couldn’t ask for better neighbors.


Thank you Adventist Health for your commitment to serving the community, and for bringing hope to hungry and hurting men, women, and children.

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