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October Newsletter – Healing Multiplied

Nicole didn’t want her son to remember her.  Ed fought to gain a life he never thought possible. Read their stories of hope in our latest “Rescue Portland” newsletter.

Nathan Has His Mommy Back
Nicole didn’t want her son to remember who she was

Nicole was addicted to methamphetamine, living out of her car and completely hopeless. Crippled by her incapacity to raise her young son, she was ready to commit suicide. She figured he wouldn’t notice her absence. If he didn’t remember her, he …

>> Read the rest of Nicole’s story and watch her video.

The Race Is Over
Ed doesn’t have to run anymore

“I’m not going to run anymore—I’m not going to run back to drugs because of fear,” Ed says. What’s a grown man like him with years of hard living got to be afraid of? What’s he running from?

Ed’s been running his whole life. At age 12, he was raped by a friend’s older brother. It happened again when…

>> Read the rest of Ed’s story and watch his video.


>> Download a PDF of the October 2010 Newsletter

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