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NEA Helps Provide Meals For Portland Homeless

Portland Rescue Mission recently received a gracious invitation to partner with the National Education Association (NEA) at the annual NEA Conference on Higher Education held in Portland this year.


Keeping with the conference theme of “Common Good”, organizers held a silent auction with all proceeds given to Portland Rescue Mission — enough to provide over 400 meals to hurting people in need.

More important than the financial donation is the story of healing that brought together two unlikely groups. We asked the auction organizer why Portland Rescue Mission was chosen as the beneficiary.

The young woman shared how her brother moved to Portland several years ago. He struggled with alcoholism and quickly became desperate for help. Portland Rescue Mission provided hot meals and other care that helped him start a new path in life. Today, he’s sober, employed and happily married.

We’re grateful to the NEA for helping us serve the Portland community and give hope to more hurting people in need.