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Homeless Men and Women Receive GED

Aaron, Cecilia and Carl celebrate having received their GED.

This past May, three men and women in our New Life Recovery Ministry proudly achieved the requirements for receiving their GED.  We celebrate with Aaron, Cecilia and Carl for accomplishing this important milestone in their education.

It’s not unusual for homeless men and women to have dropped out of high school.  As teens, they may have struggled in school due to learning disabilities, addiction or a very negative home life.  They’ve often bought into lies like: “I’m stupid,” “I’ll never amount to anything,” or “Everything I try will end up a failure.”

That’s why adult education is such a vital part of the recovery program at Portland Rescue Mission.  Tackling subjects like math, writing and basic computing provide men and women with essential job skills.  As students succeed, often with the help of individual volunteer tutors, they overcome issues of low self-esteem.  In the times that they struggle, they learn to persevere, ask for help and face challenges head on.

Congratulations, Aaron, Cecilia and Carl!  And thank you to all our Learning Center volunteers for helping us give hope to hurting people.