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Burnside Shelter

Does A Restroom Really Matter?

Portland Rescue Mission was honored this week for providing quality restrooms for homeless men, women and children — the only 24/7 restroom access in the Old Town area of Portland.

For people on the street, having access to a restroom beyond normal business hours is essential.  Our Burnside Shelter 24-hour public restrooms were recently renovated thanks to a significant grant and the support of our donors.  PHLUSH (Public Hygiene Lets Us Stay Human) recognized this renovation effort with an award and statement:

By sharing your bathroom in the heart of Old Town Chinatown, you embody the spirit of good neighborliness.  Residents and travelers are welcomed into your beautiful, clean, safe, and comfortable surroundings and served with dignity and respect.  Thank you, Portland Rescue Mission.  We appreciate your putting the Golden Rule of doing unto others into action twenty four hours every day.”

In addition to restrooms, our Burnside Shelter provides:


Thank you to all of our donors who make this work of compassion and restoration possible.