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Burnside Shelter

Birthday Party for the Homeless

 Many homeless men and women watch their birthday come and go like every other day of the year. No celebration. No cake. Certainly no gifts. Not even a “Happy Birthday” from a friend.

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But this year, with the support and thoughtfulness of generous friends like you, our homeless guests will know they’re not forgotten!

On May 28th, we’ll throw a birthday party complete with gifts, cake, cards and colorful decorations, and we want YOU to be a part of the celebration! Help by sending a birthday card with an encouraging note to let a hurting person know you care. You can also include a donation to provide meals and help cover the cost of the event.

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Here’s what you can do:

  1. Write a message in a store-bought or homemade card. You can download our birthday card template to print.
  2. Please don’t include any personal information other than your first name.
  3. We encourage you to include a donation to Portland Rescue Mission with your card. A gift as small as $10 provides 6 hot, nutritious meals. You can also make an online donation.
  4. Place the card in an envelope and mail to:

Birthday Party for the Homeless

Portland Rescue Mission

P.O. Box 3713

Portland, OR 97208-3713