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8-Year-Old Asks for Gifts for Those in Need for His Birthday

“I didn’t know we’d have this much,” said 8-year-old Evan, looking around at the gifts that his friends brought for his birthday.

For his birthday party, held outside at a local park, Evan asked friends to bring gifts of towels, socks and blankets for men and women facing homelessness. “It looks like everyone read the invitation!” he said.

“I want everyone in the world to have a good life, and you don’t want people sleeping on streets, not having a good life,” he told KATU news.

Chick-fil-A, a proud partner of the Portland Rescue Mission, catered Evan’s Birthday Party, thrilled to take part in his mission to help the homeless. Chick-fil-A even brought along their mascot cow to join in the festivities.

“Evan giving up his birthday [gifts] is like you and I giving up a year’s worth of pay. You only get a birthday and a Christmas [once a year] and Evan said ‘I want to give that to others,’” shared Rob Anderson, Director of Partnership at Portland Rescue Mission

Evan is an example of how one person, no matter your age, can inspire others to action.

“It really speaks to what it’s going to take to help those experiencing homelessness, it’s ones like Evan, it’s everyone doing something like Evan is doing,” said Rob.


Are you planning an event or party this summer? Maximize your party as an opportunity to learn about homelessness and partner with Portland Rescue Mission to give hope and restore life to hurting men, women and children.

We will send you all the materials you need to share with your friends about the Portland Rescue Mission and the needs of the homeless. Click HERE to learn more about #MissionParty or contact Lauri Young at lauri.young@pdxmission.org for more information.